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Product Info On: Solar Air Heating And Ventilation Collector
New: Ventilation  and heating with Solar Venti  with no running cost.

Solar Ventilation this system is efficient and cheap to keep your house, flats, holidays homes, caravans, outhouses, sheds and workshops dry and fresh.
The system starts and stops automatically controlled by the sun. The air in the building will be exchanged by fresh, warm and dry air - humidity and smell will be removed. 
Each time the sun shines the fan will start to blow fresh warm and dry air into the building. The fan is controlled and driven by a solar cell built into the collector- so no running cost.
Ventilation with heating for your health and comfort. The fan has a capacity of app. 60 m3/h. or more.


Installation on a roof


Installation on a wall

solar_air_collectorSolar Venti



Where can it be installed?

A south, south east or south west facing site, with minimum shade is ideal. The Solar Venti air panels can be mounted on roofs and have to have a min. of 60 < (roof mounting system optional). For wall installation by means of special brackets provided. The fan is already  installed inside the panel and controlled by a switch or speed controller inside the house.
A 1.5qm collector heat up approx. 60m air per hour 20 30 degrees depending on the solar radiation. The air passes through a heavy felt in the collector which is warmed up by the sun. On a clear day when the system is normally running, the air will be fresh and dry. Although the system is not running everyday , experience shows that a space of approx. 60 m
may be kept dry in this way. The heat-output from the collector will normally stay between 1 and 2 kW.

Solar Venti in 3 sizes and colours

SV14 for max. 60 m area

SV 7 for max. 40 m area

SV 3 for max. 25 m area

optional in black or white colours.

Download Details (PDF)

There is also a 3qm collector available for bigger spaces

Solar Venti Principle

solar_venti_principle.jpg (11482 bytes)

Download Details


More information  on solar air collectors and there applications





Solar Venti on a garden house

Solar Venti Mini - SV3  (54 X 72 X 10cm): alum-frame- incl. cable with switch, wall fixings, aluflex-pipe 1m and room vent.
Colour black or white 

 Solar Venti Medium - SV7 (72 X 102 X 10Cm): alum-frame  incl. wall fixings, aluflex-pipe1m, room vent and cable with switch.
Electronic speed regulator 
Roof mounting set 
Colour black or white 

  Solar Venti Maxi SV14 (72 X 198 X 10cm): alum-frame  incl. wall fixings, aluflex-pipe 1m, room vent and electronic speed regulator
Roof mounting set 
Colour black or white 

Solar Venti 3m System from  incl. roof mounting system and electronic speed regulator.
Colour black or white 

Availability: 5-6 weeks after the banks clear payment.
Delivery & installation charges by arrangement      


Private home

Community hall

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