Kuenzel Pellet-boiler PL 15 & PL25
made in Germany


Pellets - the new fuel
 that doesn’t cost the earth

For more than 5 years now people are changing over to a more environment-friendly fuel which is produced locally in Ireland and other parts of the EU - The Wood Pellet.

Wood Pellets are made up solely of natural, renewable raw material for which no forests have to be felled. Practically no sulphur dioxide, one of the main causes of acid rain and thus of forests dying, is emitted when pellets are burned. The ash is an excellent natural fertilizer for fields and gardens.

Heating with wood has many advantages. On the one hand, the fuel is mainly produced locally and, on the other hand, wood has an even CO2 balance and does not contribute towards aggravating the climatic conditions as other fossil fuels do.

Heating with wood is using a regenerative energy carrier. For this reason, the “Bundesamt für Wirtschaftsförderung” (Federal Office for the Promotion of Economic Development) in Eschborn provides state incentives for the purchase of automatic pellet boilers.

The pellet-heating boiler PL 15 is not only installable in the basement boiler room but, due to its compact construction, in almost any utility room.

Kuenzel Pellet Boiler PL


The KÜNZEL Pellet Heating Boiler PL 15 & PL 25 works fully automatically apart from having to be refilled occasionally with pellets (every 3 - 4 days) and the ash tray having to be removed and emptied once a week. Pellets cause much less dust than firewood. Electrical ignition and a minor amount of reloading work mean that the boiler is easy to use.

The boiler is microprocessor controlled. Easily understood symbols makes the operation easy, even for those to whom technical matters are foreign. Just load the pellets, press “Start” and enjoy the cosy warmth.

Options for the PL 15 & PL 25

As an option, the boiler can be fitted with an on-off control system (type: E 233 B) controlled by weather conditions.
With an output of less than 15 kW, the PL 15 is not subject to official inspection and acceptance by the chimney sweep when first put into operation. This, of course, reduces the costs.
The thermal output heats a detached family house insulated to German industrial standards. However, it can also be combined with an oil or gas heating and thus contribute towards an environment-friendly heating in larger buildings

The Fuel

The boiler can be fuelled with pellets of 6mm and 8mm diameter which meet the German standard DIN 51731 or the standards of the Pellet Association Austria PVA. They are available in 15 kg bags, 500 kg big-bags or can be delivered by a bulk transporters.

A boiler efficiency of over 90% ensures optimum fuel utilisation and low operating costs for the owner. A rule of thumb says that 2 kg of wooden pellets replace approx. 1 litre of heating oil.

The pellet quantity of 220 litres (approx. 140 kg) stored in the integrated container are enough for an average of 3 days at the rated load, depending on how the building is insulated, and up to one week at partial load. The pellets in the storage container are protected against burn-back due to a combination of spiral conveyor and down pipe. All parts of the combustion chamber subject to high thermal stress are made of acid proof special steel. An integrated, swivelling, induced draught ventilator makes it possible to install the boiler in almost any fitting position.

Type PL



Maximum heat output kW - (Btu/h)

14,9 -  (50,840)

25 -  (85,320)


Pellets size 6 mm and 8 mm accord. DIN AND PVA

Power supply

230V / 240V 16 A 50 Hz

Power consumption

65 W

Water boiler size

60 litres.

Pellet storage capacity

260 kg

Pipe connections

1" (25,4 mm)

Filling and draining cock

1/2" (12,7 mm)

Flue gas connection Ř

100 mm

Ash box

approx. 18 litre.

Emission flow rate

0,011 kg/s

Co2 content

10,5 %

Flue gas temperature

160° C

Draught requirement

5 Pa


Cleaning brushes

Starter kit

15 kg Pellets

Order no.



Euro price

€7,154.00 - (incl. control panel)

€7,386.00. - (incl. control panel)

technical specifications are subject to change without notice

technical specifications are subject to change without notice

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