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 Information Page On:  WOOD PELLET FUEL Boilers

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Wood Pellet Boiler Information

The pellet boiler on this page descript is used as a  water boiler for space heating and domestic hot water applications. Designed for combustion of wood pellet with the installed pellet burner (picture).  Wood pellets are a renewable, environmentally friendly and locally produced fuel. Irish  8mm wood pellets are made by Balcas in Enniskillen N.Ireland and are now widely available in Ireland in bulk or bags.

Boilers with output of up to 20 kW can be used to supply hot water to the central heating system and supply domestic hot water for private homes of up to *200qm area and buildings like B&B holidays-homes, workshops, etc. (*depending on the heating system installed and insulation value of the building)  

Boilers with output from 35 to 60kW are suitable for heating areas of up to *700qm i.e. shops, schools, apartment houses etc.
For commercial applications we also can provide larger bio-fuel burning units, all dimensions and features of those systems are individually proposed to the customer.

Solid fuel boiler change over to burn wood pellets


This solid fuel boiler is equipped with Swedish burner and feeding system


For more info on Irish wood pellets visit www.balcas.com


Adjustable set up for the combustion of wood pellets size 6-14 mm .

Some boilers also can burn solid fuels like wood. Optional draught control and overheating safety device are needed with this option.

Automatic wood pellet ignition system.

Pellet fuel-feeding system from hopper to burner.

Optional extra direct feed from pellet silo to burner up to 3meters.

Separated fuel hopper depending on size and usage reloading of the fuel every 3-5 days.

Boiler self-diagnostic system. 

High fuel efficiency  up to 92 % on wood pellet DIN Plus Standard.


Standards on  pellet boiler contains:

Boilers made from steel or iron 
Insulated boiler housing
Build in or separated fuel hopper 160-300 kg
Automatic pellet burner, feeding system and  motored flue fan
Automatic pellet ignitron system 
Digital boiler and burner control 
Burn-back protection system
Overheat safety device
Manual or automatic de ash system  
Functions and features


  1. Burning Control (Draught control device).

  2. Blower pellet feeding system for burner.

  3. Pellet burner (Swedish made burner and feeding system).

  4. Easy cleaning and solid fuel loading door.

    Solid quality
    Heater and flue gas plates made from steel 5-6 mm thick (depend on kW version), combustion chamber made from iron coast. Boiler is welded by robots and obligatory pressure controlled.

    Digital Control
    The Electronic Control Unit regulates the flow of fuel and air for combustion.

    Multifuel combustion chamber
    There is plenty of room for easy cleaning and ash removal.  3 pass water heater zone, provide heating efficiency in pellet combustion of 92-93! After removing pellet burner we can easily burn solid fuel like: wood, coal with heating efficiency 82-84%.

    Wood Pellet storage tank (hopper) 160-300 kg
    Easy-to-load hopper with reversible door. The hopper can be loaded from either the back, right, or left side, because it is equipped with small wheels. We can put hopper in distance 1 m from the boiler in almost any place we wish. Tank is connected with the boiler by special plastic and flexible tube.

Wood Pellet 
burning appliance

How to choose a pellet stove 

Extraflame wood pellet stoves


Central heating boilers


For all of your heating and  domestic hot water suitable for Irish conditions e.g. under-floor heating systems or with radiator heating system in new or existing homes.

Combination heating system
99% renewable energy

Solar water heating & wood pellet energy system

How to choose a wood pellet stove?


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