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Wood Burning Stoves & Cookers
 warm up your life with a real wood fire

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New : La Nordica Wood Burning Stoves And Cooker.

Here you will find an overview of wood burning appliances touch as free standing stoves, cookers,
and fireplaces.

La Nordica is a leader in the heating sector with more than thirty years experience to back the quality of its products and constantly researching into new solutions for the increasingly specific and demanding needs of the market.

You can feel the solidity and high quality of LA NORDICA stoves when you place your hand on a cast iron part of one of its products. The heads, the doors, whether panoramic or not, the feet, and the internal walls of the hearths are all in cast iron, cast in a single casting by foundries with avant-garde systems of production, quality control and finishing.
The new technique of enamelling guarantees proper protection and exalts the stove’s value.


Free standing wood burning stoves

Boiler Model


Free standing models

Line of freestanding  cast iron and ceramic wood burning stoves. The finest quality in materials and the attention in details makes this product ideal for any home.

Wood burning Cookers & Ranges

Boiler Model

Cookers & Ranges

Cookers & ranges not only provide a very useful way to discover the pleasure of cooking, obtaining the richest flavours and of heating while respecting the environment with the use of natural non-pollutant fuel, but are also splendid furnishing items with their elegant lines and special finishes.




Boiler Model 


It is now possible to choose in addiction to wood or pellet-burning steel, majolica or cast iron stoves, traditional wood-stoves, in majolica or to be inserted, inserts and fireplaces made entirely of cast iron, manufactured with the same processing standards that have always distinguished Nordica has a qualified producer of heating appliances with a high level of technological content.

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