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Solar Energy Ireland Product Page

Overview of products on solar and alternative energy systems 

Price increase in 2006.
due to the rising energy price resulting in increased cost for metal products and transportation we have to pass on this price increase. Prices listed on this site are not valid. Check for new prices with our Office

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We at Solar Energy Ireland only supply quality products built to EU and German standards approved and tested. This will guarantee that our products comply to the latest building standards and regulations set out for the whole of Europe. 

Our policy to our customer: No Rip-off Ireland here and that you will get value for your money. 

Best prices in Ireland?

We buy direct from the manufactures and without any importers or distributors to keep cost down, we sell to installers or to you the customer so that you can buy  them at a  reasonable price and as close to  the cost as Continental customers enjoy, but here comes the but and this is a big BUT in the ass... we live in Ireland and and you konw how things workvate homes. The only thing you will get from Bertie is 21%VAT on all products. 

 Take Note:
If the Irish Government is sincere about reducing our CO2 emissions axe the tax on renewable energy systems.

Renewable energy systems installed into Irish homes will help to reduce Ireland's huge CO2 emissions into our atmosphere. CO2 TAX IS COMING?  
so why not get credit  for using renewable technology?

Renewable Energy Product

Air to water heat pump combination with solar storage tanks.


SOLID FUEL BOILERS (back to wood)


buffer storage tanks (500-1500).

evacuated tube systems.

flat plate solar collectors with highly selective coating absorber


pump stations

Pipe insulation

photovoltaic systems (electric)

Flue Pipe for pellet boilers & stoves


solar storage tanks & kombi tanks. (200-1500litres).

solar domestic hot water systems.

solar domestic & space heating systems.

solar pool heating systems.

solar gravity systems.

tub collectors

wood pellet boiler.

Wood pellet stoves Extraflame

Wood Pellet Stoves Enviro

Wood Burning Stoves and Cookers

wood gasification central heating boilers.

solar lights 

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