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Extraflame  Wood Pellet Stoves


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Wood Pellets
Wood pellets can be used to produce heat in a specially designed stove or boiler. In addition, some existing solid fuel and oil boilers can be converted to make use of wood pellets.

Wood pellets the new fuel

Major cost savings from Wood Pellet Heating.
Pellet Stove Heating can save you 10,000 over the next 20 years!*
*For an average 150sqm (1614sq feet) Irish house heated with a wood pellet stove with back boiler costing 3,750 using pellet fuel costing 21 cent/kg (increasing in price at 3% p.a.), compared with oil at 50 cent/litre (increasing in price at 5% p.a.) in an oil boiler costing 2,100. Calculations used based on SEI Calculations www.sei.ie.

Pellets have the following advantages over other types of wood fuel:-

Less volume to transport and store (due to higher energy density)
Fewer deliveries
Consistent size and moisture content
Versatility - can be used in stoves and boilers
Less ash
Lower emissions CO2 neutral
Exempt from CO2 tax
Pellets are dry and can be stored without degrading
Flow like a liquid and can be used in automatic machinery
Easier to handle
Easier to ignite


Extraflame Baby Fiamma

Wood pellet burning stoves were first introduced in the United States in the 1980's, with over half a million now installed.
Now available in Ireland, pellet stoves have many of the advantages of fossil fuel heating systems but without the associated environmental damage.  

These include:

Temperature and timer controls
Fans that distribute warm air around the room
Automatic ignition
High efficiencies (up to 90%)
Air and water heating


Extraflame an innovative heating concept with is functional, economical and ecological sound. The Eco-range from Extraflame was conceived to meet these needs.

Extraflame Bella

See all Extraflame pellet stoves

How to choose a pellet stove 

Extraflame pellet stoves look similar to traditional wood burning stoves but use modern microprocessor controls to ensure an efficient and clean burning fire. Because they use thermostatic controls and fans to distribute warm air around the room they are safer than traditional stoves, which rely on radiated heat to warm the room, making the room's temperature uneven and the body of the stove dangerously hot.

Model Size Fuel capacity  Heat output Boiler size
Pellet burning rate Electrical consumption Colours 
Ecological 620x953x677 35kg 2,5-11kWh   0,6-2,4kg/h 25-100W PT-PE-BO
Ecological Idro 670x953x677 30kg 14,5kWh 8,5 0,6-3,0kg/h 25-190W BO
Divina 610x1150x576 30kg 2,5-11kWh   0,6-2,4kg/h 25-100W Bo-Pe-Gi
Bella 520x1043x513 25kg 2,5-7,5kWh   0,6-1,6kg/h 25-100W Ne
Bella Lux 520x1043x513 25kg 1,7-5,1kWh   0.6-1,6kg/h 25-100W BO-Pe-Gi
Preziosa 446x884x477 11kg 1,7-5,1kWh   0,4-1,2kg/h 25-100W Bo-Pe-Gi
Babyfiamma 440x858x470 11kg 1,7-5,1kWh   0,4-1,2kg/h 25-100W Ne-Bo
Comfort Maxi 640x606x717 28kg 2,5-9,4kWh   0,6-2,0kg/h 25-100W Ne
Comfort Mini 700x550x449 12kg 2.5-7.5kWh   0.6-1.6kg/h 25-100W Ne
Colours: Ne- Black / Bo- Bordeaux / Pe- Parchment / Gi- Yellow / Pt - Soapstone
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