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Complete solar water heating packages for domestic hot water


*Solar domestic water heating & space heating package

*A solar water heating system could reduce your heating bill by up to 30%
The average Irish household will spend over the next 30 years 40,000.- for there heating and hot water.
(Source: Renewable Energy Ireland Information Office's) also and this is not mentioned by S.E.I. the huge amount of CO2 and other poisonous gases saved and not released into our atmosphere.

*Important: Properly dimensioned solar heating systems offer the best guarantee for satisfactory operation. 

Knowing a household's hot water consumption is required when finding the proper dimensions but one should also take into consideration the possibilities of lower consumption. 

For these questions, the advice of a specialist is recommended. A tip for deciding the dimensions for a small solar heating system: daily hot water consumption of 50 litters per person (at 45 C) yields a collector surface of 1.2 - 1.5 m  for flat plate solar collectors  and 1m for tube collectors per person. 

**For solar space heating you can add 1-1.5m collector area for every 10m of space area to be heated. 

**Space heating  when paired with excellent heat insulation in a low energy building (42kWh/m/year) and a low-temperature heating system (28C - 40C) like under floor and wall heating. 

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Solar D.H.W. & Space Heating System

Solar domestic hot water heating systems are available in different sizes. We supply of the shelf complete solar packages for 2 to 10 people (4.1m to 10.4m). Any size system are available on request.


Complete packages for domestic hot water include:

Solar  collectors (flat plate collectors or tub collectors).

Roof fixings for mounted or integrated installation.

Solar storage tank (300, 400, 500,litres).

Mixing valve.

Solar pump station.

Safety device & fittings

Expansion vessel and filling valve.

Flexible stainless steel hose.

None toxic anti-freeze.

Solar controller & sensors.

The packages can be supplied for free standing and wall mounted installation.


Solar panels on a flat roof

Our packages represents the most popular solar thermal systems in Ireland and are suitable for newly built or for existing houses.
The flat plat solar collectors carry a 10 year manufacturer warranty built to EU standards and tested by the "TV" in Germany.
Solar storage tanks are manufactured to the same high safety standard and come with the manufactures guaranteed for 5 years.

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