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Irish Solar Energy - Facts
Did you know?
Solar energy is free for everybody.  Most of our European neighbours benefit from there governments renewable energy politics.

Financial help for installing solar energy systems, in Germany it is €125,- for 1m² of solar collector and 0.55cent for each kW power sold back to the national electric grid. 

In the UK the "Clear Skies" programme, managed by BRE and funded by the DTI, gives homeowners in England, Wales and in Northern Ireland the opportunity to obtain a £500 grant towards a cost of a solar water heating system installation including systems to heat swimming pools.

Community organisations including local authorities, housing associations, charities and “not for profit” organisations can apply for grants of 50% of solar water heating project costs, under the Clear Skies programme. The SCHRI offers the same kind of organisations up to £10,000 for feasibility studies and up to £100,000 for capital projects.

Not so in Ireland, and the bad news  for Irish customers. No "green grants" for you, only 21% V.A.T.  There is no financial help, no tax brake nothing for installing solar or renewable energy  systems into your home.

But so long everybody stays quiet about this, nothing will change.  
Time to wake up everybody, and high time to make some noise, get on to your local TD or go straight to the  Irish Government otherwise we are heading for tough  times.
Solar Energy in Ireland  is not a myth 1m² surface area receives an average 900 to 1000kWh of solar energy per year. The equivalent energy in 100litres of oil, Ireland receives higher solar radiation levels than most areas in the UK. Householders and businesses can make significant savings of 30  and more % on there fuel bills by installing a solar water heating system. The cost of a solar system is only an additional 2 - 4% of the average house price.
Solar systems are recognised by all financial institutions as viable home improvements and the value and market appeal of a property is significantly increased.

Did you know?

Our Products are built to EU and German standard and qualify for the UK new "green grants". UK homeowners willing to switch to solar power could be in line for the government new "green grants". Anyone with a house will be eligible to apply for up to half the cost of installing solar panels to their roof.

Did you know?

That over the next 30 years the  average family in Ireland with current energy prices have to pay €40,000 for heating there house.

An that an household of 4 people using solar energy for heating water  could reduces the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 1 ton and other poisoned gases, helping to protect the environment from being polluted. CO2 is one of the largest single contributors towards global warming.
In Europe 2,5 million households are already enjoying the benefits of solar energy. In Germany alone, 100,000 systems were installed in 1999. With such a good solar resource, Ireland should be doing a lot better.

Did you know?

Solar energy is the largest source of renewable energy on earth, providing us with more energy each year than all the reserves of fossil fuel combined, about 10,000 times the current global energy demand. Even here in Ireland we receive more solar energy than you might guess from our temperamental weather.

Did you know?

Ireland is the biggest polluter of CO2 in Europe. CO2 tax is coming to every household in Ireland, time that solar and renewable energy systems become standard in all new houses. Oil is to valuable to burn for heating water.

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