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About solar energy and renewable energy in Ireland

It's not always easy for home owners and home builders in Ireland to find their way through the maze of ways to use solar energy and new solar technology. What's the difference between a heat pipe and a flat-plate collector? Which solar system is best for my low-energy house? What does a solar circulation system look like? Answers to these questions about Photovoltaic, Solar Heating, Solar Heating Systems, Solar Collectors, Glossary of Solar Terms click and you may find out

Solar Energy for Hot Water and Heating

The Sun supplies us with an enormous daily energy potential that exceeds primary energy consumption, by 80 times in Ireland, for example. This energy source is virtually inexhaustible and is also at our disposal for the foreseeable future (400million years give or take a few). 
Fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas, or oil are, in contrast, limited. The next generations will not be able to use them without restriction, so the sun presents itself without a doubt as the energy of the future. 

In Ireland, solar energy has more potential than most people realise. The solar thermal collector will harness the suns energy to produce warm water. A proper designed solar thermal system can reduce the heating bill by up to 30% considering that the average family will spend 40,000.- over the next 30 years just for heating there homes at current energy prices. 
(Source: Sustainable Energy Ireland Renewable Information Office's) 

It is a wise investment by installing a solar thermal system into your home. Look at it as a pension plan, only it is a lot better than your standard  pension plan, the more hot water you use the faster the system will pay for itself and it is better for everybody.

A heating system that will pay for itself ? 

Yes, as time goes by a solar heating system will save you more money  than  you paid for in the beginning and "produces" more energy than it took to manufacture the solar panels.

Don't always look at the money end of it, you also help your environment and you can tell that to your children.


Ireland's oldest solar collector?
Co. Meath working for the last 5000 years


Wonder if the warranty is still on it?


A more modern solar system

Will it last as long as NewGrange? NO but is defiantly the best thing to install for producing hot water for free.


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