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For free information on renewable energy system's  and best priced solar and alternative energy products in Ireland.

Innovative Energy Systems 
..setting new standards in modern heating...and it don't cost the earth....

Every body is talking about climate protection we already have started to do something about it. Not only by selling and installing environmentally friendly products but also by re-investing some of our profits into becoming a greener company. Last year we installed a hybrid power PV & Wind system to supply green power to our office and warehouse our combined solar thermal & bio mass heating system is providing all the heating and hot water used here at Solar Energy Ireland. Our sewage and waste water is filtered and cleaned by our reed bed natural filtration process. We like to thank our customer for your support and letís continue to change for the better.

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The World's future energy SOLAR  ENERGY

Large scale solar system for heating water.

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We supply a wide range of renewable energy products for private and commercial properties.  Our products which comply to the latest EU regulations and build to EU standards. 
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All our systems are environmentally friendly and recognised as a genuine alternative to conventional forms of energy.

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Product Page

Solar system for heating water

Through continuous research and innovation in the last 25 years our EU partners are now world leaders in solar & alternative energy systems. This proven and tested technology is now available in Ireland and the UK at an affordable price. Our products are the latest in renewable energy technology and comply to EU and German standards. 

Our product range incl. Flat plate solar & evacuated tub collectors for water heating, solar air heating and ventilation systems, solar storage tanks, wood pellet central heating boilers and storage silo systems for wood pellet, wood gasification boilers, pellet stoves heaters free standing or inserts for air and water heating, wood burning stoves and cookers, PV solar panels, small scale wind turbines, batteries and controllers for stand alone systems. Controllers & inverters for grid connection.

The World's future energy SOLAR  ENERGY  more  people are using renewable energy systems for producing clean and environmentally friendly energy for homes and for commercial use. On our site you will find information and products on solar & alternative energy systems and the benefits of using solar and renewable energy technology. "

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